Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sunday Recap

How I spent my day:
- sanding, cleaning & painting this firewood rack someone was kind enough to give us for free (along with all the firewood it had been holding) - installing a new door closer on the front screen door - masking Grandmother's metal trunk for it's last round of painting - scraping the bbq and the charcoal chimney so I can repaint them with high temp paint - replacing an outside light fixture - installing a threshold in the bathroom doorway -

How Julie spent her day:
- working her butt off cleaning - running loads and loads of laundry - scrubbing every bathroom surface available - mopping - more scrubbing in the kitchen - drinking much water - reminding me to drink more water - finding places for the things I leave laying around everywhere -

How Rudy spent his day:
- underfoot in the bathroom - undermop in the kitchen - playing with my screwdrivers -

How Pammy spent her day:
Pammy in a box
- staying out of everybody's way - ignoring our commotion - sitting patiently by the water bowl (in case I would happen to drop an ice cube in it) - stealing my red bandana from me - telling me I smelled bad -

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