Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Backyard Camping in Ste. Genevieve

Last night's itinerary:

1. Leave work.

2. Drive to Festus.
2a - Stop at Magre's Liquors for supplies. (You know where it is. Yeah, it's right next door to that scary pickup bar.)
2b - Stop for dinner. (Yeah, pull into the Sonic we can order drinks and eat this yummy leftover Brie & baguette at their picnic table.)

3. Drive to Mom's House.
3a - Help snap that last tent pole into place.
3b - Chase Jordan.
3c - Build fire.
3d - Burn / roast / singe hot dogs.
3e - Burn / roast / singe marshmallows.
3f - Chase Jordan (reprise). (Yeah, I know you brought out another flashlight. Jordie snagged that one, too.)

4. Drive home.

Figure 2b

Figure 3b

Figure 3f

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