Saturday, July 21, 2007

Elaine Sings for her Supper: Chihuly at Phipps

My step-mom wanted some snaps of the show at Phipps, so she took me down to the garden Friday night.




For more, check out my Flickr slideshow.

Edit: In other news, all is now back to normal in my home office! Froderick, my workhorse, my repository of all photos, my scanning, editing, printing PC is alive again. His power supply died Monday as I was getting ready to leave. After Julie picked me up at the airport this morning we decided we were already half-way to St. Charles, so we ran up to EPC for a new 575W power supply and a more reliable UPS. Considering I left with a new power supply, 2 small UPS's, and a brand new laptop bag for around $75, it was probably worth the extra drive.

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