Saturday, June 20, 2009

The BBQ - After the Sun Went Down

I got bug bites. I don't think my decoy people were working for me. Or the citronella candles, for that matter.





Radish King said...

Oh hey, the middle b/w is terrific. Is that Julie? I love it. Page is shooting in b/w again, finally. Argh, the film is expensive. But o he does beautiful work that way as you do, Laine.


wv: reeneste
Doesn't that sound like a feminine hygiene product? Do they even make feminine hygiene products anymore?

Laine said...

Thanks! It's not Julie; she knows better than to sit still in front of me at a party.

I have to admit these are digital. Film *is* expensive. I haven't tried developing any since I screwed up my arm. Those jugs are heavy. I'm going to do some this summer as soon it gets so hot I have to hide in the basement.

As long as they don't still have those awful tv commercials...