Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Trains &Tools at The Southern Museum

Julie has no interest in train cabooses, but I think she got a kick watching me & my dad explore.

The Southern Museum exists partially to celebrate the defeat of a Yankee raiding party. If its mission to sabotage southern rail lines had succeeded, the raid might of shortened the civil war by two years. It's awkward putting together a museum to celebrate the fact that the raid failed and the war dragged on, but they managed well enough. At no time did I feel like I needed to spirit my very Yankee family away to safet y. (I, of course, can pass for a native if I have to. Thanks, Mom.)

This is The General, the one that didn't quite get away. He has a really great Buster Keaton movie named after him, too.

The museum also had a section devoted to the steel works that used to live in its buildings. They used these wooden models to make molds. I'm not sure what the waxy mannequin used to do.

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