Friday, November 09, 2007

"Go South for Animal Index" @ Hoffman LaChance

For the moment, I'll just quote the Hoffmann LaChance website directly:

"On Nov. 9, Hoffman LaChance is hosting a unique art invitational and silent auction organized by Poetry Scores. Poetry Scores is a local arts group dedicated to translating poetry into other media. This year, they have translated into music - i.e., scored - a long poem by Stefene Russell titled "Go South for Animal Index." On Nov. 9, they will release this poetry score CD, published within a handsome book printed by Firecracker Press. They also have invited an interesting group of local and national artists to translate the poem into visual art, with titles drawn from the poem. This work will be hung around the gallery, based on where in the poem the respective titles appear. The work will be on sale by silent auction. For more information about Poetry Scores, call 314-265-1435 or email"

This is Stefene.

Daniel, one of the artists, with his piece on the wall in the background.


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