Saturday, October 27, 2007

Where I Work

Sorry for the slow posts. My job's been keeping me pretty worn out lately. Julie & I didn't even go out last night, other than costume shopping & dinner at Michael's with Cath.

I just finished my shirt for tonight's party. How lazy am I? My costume is a mask, sweat pants, and a shirt customized with a pizza box stencil & dollar store spray paint. But more about that later.

Today's photos are views from SLU's new Research Building on South Grand. Construction isn't finished yet, but I took an IT geek tour. SLU should be proud of this one when it's done - lots of natural light, energy conservation, people comfort, and, of course, spaces to do science.

The top floor: indoor meeting space, outdoor meeting space, and SLU Hospital across the way.

From a little lower down: the covered walkway that will connect the building with the rest of the med campus through a new greenspace. The roof nearest the building already has sod plugs planted.

From the lobby: I think the frame will eventually be hoisted to the roof.

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