Sunday, December 27, 2009

Discovering the London Tea Room, Downtown

After our book binge at Left Bank, JD and I stopped in for tea and scones at the London Tea Room, which is, of course, in St. Louis and not anywhere near London. Not even London, Ohio.


(The St. Louis Tea Room is in Tower Grove South - totally different place. More on that later, I'm sure.)

Anyway... I've enjoyed the London Tea Room's website and blog for a while, so we decided we should stop.


It was a classic Julie & Lainey outing: good food and drink, people-watching, Julie tweeting, Lainey taking surreptitious photos, complete with live music from a violin & guitar duo. We even had the table of ladies next to us finish their drinks and ask if I could take their picture.

Why doesn't anyone ever ask Julie to take their picture? History shows it doesn't matter how I'm dressed, where I am, or what I'm doing; strangers pick me out of the group, hand me their camera and ask if I'll take their picture. I guess I have a "good camera karma" sort of vibe. Or maybe it's a "she too fat to run away with my camera" vibe. Oh well.

Here's Julie checking out the list of loose leaf teas, deciding what we needed to take home with us.

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