Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How SLU improves my quality of life

Okay everyone. Time to leave offerings for Touchdown Jesus.
Soon, I too will be able to signal a touchdown.

Under the guidance of the big brains of SLU Hospital's orthopedic specialists, I'm going under the knife (a tiny little arthroscopic knife) to get my left shoulder stitched back together on September 19th.

I've been at varying levels of grumpy for a couple years thanks to a vicious yank on left arm. At the time I really thought not falling down the stairs was the better option. Not that I really had time to think about it; one second I'm starting down our amazingly steep narrow south city staircase, same second I'm hanging my full Rubenesque weight from my left arm and howling. In hindsight, I probably should have just rolled. I would have gotten stuck a couple stairs down, and the bruises would have been gone in a week or two.

I'm only mentioning this by way of an early apology. I may not be going to be going out as much for a while during recovery, so "I Don't Know, Where Do You Want to Go" is going to be even more domesticated and sleepy than usual. Plus, I won't really be able to use my good SLR. On the bright side, I got to try on my recovery sling. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to tuck my pocket camera into it.

PS: If anyone asks, don't tell them how I really hurt myself. I usually just say it was a tragic sex accident.

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