Friday, July 04, 2008

Pride Parade: Spectators

Happy 4th of July. Stay tuned for pics of BBQ goodness. For now, tho, let's just finish up with some shots of the other folks watching last Sunday's parade.

She stood beside me until the rains came.

She sat below me with her girlfriend and scored about every free thing anyone had to offer.

The woman on the left had been trimming her yard when we walked past on the way to the parade. Some of her young neighbors shared their new beads afterwards.

If you want to see my complete collection of photos from this year's Pridefest, check out my Flickr slideshow.


Radish King said...

Laine, terrific photos. My favorites were the girl on the bike, orange helmet, Ann; the large woman with the tiara and all the neck bling, she must have been Miss someone, had a sash; and the 1st KC Barbeque photo, the woman in the heartshaped sunglasses. Oh yeah, and my glamorous job represents :)


Laine said...

Thank you. You picked some of my favorites, the ones I like for "no reason."