Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Hello, Millie.

This is Red, the Toyota Matrix I've been driving since May, 2002. He had about 100,000 miles and a "check engine" light that kept coming on for no good reason. I loved Red, but Julie and I were getting tired of spending our vacations/Saturdays at the shop tracking down ghosts.
We weren't planning on replacing him immediately, but we did start thinking about our next car. We liked the specs on the Nissan Versa hatchback, so we went to take a peek at it in person Saturday.

Then we bought one.

I got a fair trade in and excellent financing, so now Julie and I are driving a "Red Alert" red Nissan Verssa 1.8 SL hatchback.

I am very happy with the choice. Julie is giddy.
She's all badass driving stick again.

(No, it doesn't look all that different, does it?)

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