Monday, March 03, 2008


Julie and I continued on past Staunton, past Peoria, past Davenport, all the way to Dubuque.

What do you do when you've spent all afternoon eating junkfood in a car? You get to your hotel and eat a dinner of appetizers and margaritas, of course.
This is what it looks like when we're not acting like adults.

The next morning, after everyone else headed off to the ski slopes, I went for a walk in downtown Dubuque. It's pretty active and accessible, but it had a few slow spots.

They're only open Wednesday, 1-4.

A closed candy counter on Main Street. Oh well, it matches the closed shoe store and the other empty storefronts. I can't complain. I couldn't make an interesting photo of the modern & active Opera House or Five Flags Theater.

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