Saturday, January 05, 2008

Saturday Shopping on The Hill

Lawn Mary aficionados (I know you're out there) really owe it to themselves to spend some time on The Hill. The old neighborhood is changing radically - we saw scads of new construction today in places I never would have expected it - but I was happy to see my favorite Marys decked out for the new year. I like to call this one "Our Lady of the Penny."

Viviano's was almost quiet today. The line at the deli counter was only half a dozen deep, and the checkout line didn't wind all the way back to the cheese cabinet. We showed restraint, though. Nothing but fresh bread and some seasonings for us.

Since when has Adriana's been open on Saturdays? I thought it was weekdays only. We got there around one and every table was full, of course, but the line only wound about halfway back to the door. Weekday lunches push it all the way out. I love their sandwiches. I had a meatball today instead of my favorite salsicisa. Variety, you know. Half of it's in the fridge. Those suckers are huge.

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