Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Last weekend

Well, things are looking up round here. I've been fighting with my wonky old computer monitor for about 8 months. The picture, it vibrated. Not good when you're trying to churn out pretty pictures for your clients, or update the company website, or any of the many non-constructive things I like to do with my computer time. Anyway, I've replaced that monitor.

Also, I went out and about. Friday was First Friday downtown. The weather might have been a little threatening, but I figure if a giant praying-mantis can tough it out, so can I.

I keep meaning to stop by The Gelateria at 14th & Washington, but I don't. And I'm not going to think about that right now because I'm getting hungry. I'm getting hungry and I put my emergengy backup Clif Bar in my desk drawer instead of leaving it in my computer bag where it can do some good. Hmmpf. Anyway, we walk by this place every time we visit the downtown gallery spaces (Art St. Louis, Ellen Curlee, Philip Slein, etc). I bet we'll manage to stop once the summer heat really starts pumping.

Saturday's adventures started with crepes at Murdoch Perk. I had the Southwestern and lots of coffee. Probably too much coffee. Poor Julie.
southwestern crepe

Then the shopping began. Yes, normally I hate shopping, but this was different. St. Vincent de Paul didn't have the used t-shirt collection we wanted, but the $3 racquetball racket really was more than we could have hoped for. Then after a debate, we headed out to St. Charles to buy computer toys including my gently used "new" monitor. Finally, because it had been over an hour since I'd done anything involving food, we stopped by Trader Joe's to refil our Luna Bar / Clif Bar stash. Dang it, I didn't need to think about that. I think I'm going home for some dinner, now.

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